Your Shoes Are As Red As My Balls Are….Sometimes!!

Lord Cru
First point of the day…I really have to question where Lord Cru has been. No updates in awhile, no show at Old Dude Night, the guys from up at the bath house have been calling asking where he is…etc..etc. Cru, what’s up??

Old Dude Night
Second action item: Old Dude Night. It wasn’t the best and it wasn’t the worst. Just a cozy in between. Everyone there was pretty old, and there wasn’t some random kids there that no one has never seen before getting in everyone’s way. I guess there must have been some youngsters though, because I do remember Mr. Twister being pissed because he lost twice in a row in NBA Jam to a 12 year old. What’s up with that, Twister? Another point of interest: Old Dude Night had its first pro in attendance! Was it Lori Rigsby? Tim Jackson? JTMR (whom Mr. Twister is still convinced once lived in Milwaukee)? Ron Knigge? Armando Barajas? Sophie Mullen? Yoshi Obayashi? Shorty Gonzales? Weepy? Jobi from Sweden? Take a guess. I’ll have photos from the night up tomorrow.

Site News
Munz @ The Plat must be reading minds, because I’ve been planning on doing this all week. Searches which landed people on this site:

happy birthday alcohol
gay skateb-
40 acres and a mule
yoshi obayashi professional skateboarder
jumping dogs
animated wizard
dog party
americas next top model
(176 visitors this month so far, #2 ranked…)

and of course….

jamie thomas (195 visitors this month so far, #1 ranked…)

I suppose all that recent Jamie Thomas talk really paid off! Hmm, invoking someone with a beard to raise your popularity…interesting concept.

Also on the topic of weird unexpected traffic, yesterday some website out there somewhere must have linked to the Candy Raver Random Image Viewer because it got a couple thousand hits. Way up from the current average of zero. In its heyday that thing got thousands of hits everyday, but that was years ago and the glory is done. I’m glad it got another day in the limelight though, we all need that once in awhile.

I still hate CSS. Or maybe it’s Internet Explorer that I really should be hating. Regardless, no one cares about my nerd woes.

What’s up with this weather? It was 70 three days ago. It was 25 when I was driving to work today. I heard it’s snowing in Chicago. What a kick to the balls this development is.

Photo of the day #19

This is a photo of Rock and Tim enjoying what might possibly be the tastiest and most nutritious meal in the world. The Two Piece White Snack from a gas station somewhere in Indiana! We were on our way to Louisville and had just got done skating the Indianapolis park. All those slappies can make a guy hungry, and what better to sate that sad belly than a very dry biscuit and some greasy items that can loosely be described as chicken. I’d do it again any day, any time.