Shopping Days

It’s crazy what people will do for the things they want. Playstation 3’s are going for almost double what they should be. And all you had to do was stand in line for 24 hours to get one… and sell it for double. Or play with it for hours. Too bad there aren’t a whole slew of games for it just yet. Unless you like sports, racing, or a few first person fighters, you’re outta luck. No Ms. Pacman so what’s the point?

Melissa was at about a million stores yesterday… I napped. But she did come home with this.. I’ve been playing Pitfall for hours!

Have I added yet, that 4 day weekends rule… Well they do! I haven’t done anything worth while just yet, and I probably won’t. Ever watched Pinks? Don’t… or do… I don’t care. But there’s nothing like watching red necks and thugs cry about losing races and subsequently their over priced rice rockets and muscle cars. For hours none the less.. there was a marathon on Thursday. Didn’t I say I didn’t get anything done at all this weekend.

Oh… for all of you not on a farm right now… go skate. It’s suppose to be like 60 degrees out today. And when you’re out skating… remember to use the handrails for safety sake.