Don’t Break My Fingers, I’m Getting My Piano Tuned!

I Shouldn’t Be Alive
Thanksgiving was an alright day. I started the day off by catching a couple episodes of “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” on the Discovery channel. Some of those episodes make me very scary, that’s for sure. Tons of edge of the seat action. Later, I went over to the parents house for the usual turkey sesh, and their dog was being a buster and barked nonstop for hours.

Total dufus.

Otherwise, the set up was great. A+++, would eat again.

After eating until I could barely move, I sat down and caught a couple more episodes of “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”. By this point my survival skills were already double what they were compared to the day before. I felt pretty much ready for anything, but little did I know that there was still room for my skills to improve.

After I regained mobility, I headed back home and convinced Tim the time was ripe to capture some amazing skateboarding moments on film. Being that I was still full beyond reproach, we did not venture more than several stone throws away from the homestead. That’s always the best method anyway. Go too far, and you just end up driving around and not skating anything. Anyway, this shit got serious:

First we shot a couple frames for the new Kohls catalog junior’s section.

Next Tim took it super modern with this street plant, of which I have no idea what the name is. The picture looks super lopsided because this spot is on a downhill. I use the word spot very loosely here, you must understand. Either way, this one was the make. Thanksgiving hammers!

Not only does this picture look like shit, but I’d be quite surprised if anyone looking at it didn’t think it was the stupidest thing they’ve ever seen. Which is exactly the way we like it around here. Tim flamingos at The Best Spot In Riverwest. Notice the capital letters, it’s so good that we gave it that name.

After we succeeded with the mission, we went back home, Tim went to a movie or something, and I was left to my own devices to find something to do. Oh wait, “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” is still on? Might as well watch it for four more hours, what’s the difference? At this point I figure that I’m so good at survival that it is now impossible for me to die.

What would an update be without a youtube link? Here’s Daewon’s part in some new video that Chris Hall has something to do with. Kind of odd, but whatever, it’s a great part.

Photos, Wisconsin, and skateboarding…send ’em here.

This photo looks super moody and might make Tim feel a little bit scary. TJ Bohach nollie crooked grinds that one rail.

Travis Erickson switch frontside noseslides the old bump to loading dock option. Photo by Corey Peterson.

Photo of the day #50

T-shirts in November?!?