Short Circuit.

10 AM.

I hate rich people. Not because im not rich (but it might have something to do with it), but because the people that are, use their money for the lamest shit ever. My hatred started when the show “Cribs” first aired on MTV. Most of the tours are really uneventful, but once in a while you see someone’s house like Mariah Carey or Shaq or one of those obnoxious Cash Money guys, and you want nothing more than for them to go broke and realize how we live. These people are so vain and self centered it’s almost unbelieveable. Oh, I saw the Russel Simmons episode, and he seemed rad, but his wife was such a cunt. She obviously didn’t give a shit about poor old Russel, but she sure did love the walk-in (bigger than my apartment) closet full of designer clothes he bought her. Dude had a 55 room house or some ridiculous shit like that and he had one room for himself. One! I hate the rich and the really hate the people that ride their coat tails (or step on them in Russel’s case). Fuck you Shaq. Fuck you Mariah. Fuck you random sports icon (not you though, Russel. you’re okay in my book).

Ahhhhhh, that felt good. Now lets talk about skateboarding!

John McGuire sent me a couple of DVD’s last week and I couldn’t be happier. The first one I watched was called “Dango” from Jon Montessi’s Westside skateshop in Florida. Tons of good people in this one. Probably more people in this video than H-Street’s “Shackle Me Not”. Danny Renaud has a good part as does John Buchanan. My favorite is 80’s Joe. Don’t know why they call him 80’s, but he rips none the less.
The other vid was “Working on Community Relations” from Anonymous skateshop in Ohio. Nick can edit and the dudes in Ohio rip, so besides the occasional shaky filming, this video was rad. Dave Caddo just plain kills it. Go get a copy. I think Phase II might even have them there. If they don’t, bother James about getting one and tell him you want it because Bam is in it.

Until 11…….