Silent Night, Friendly Night

It seems I’ve been trusted again with keeping the internet informed on the movers and shakers of the Milwaukee area skateboard scene. And with great power comes great responsibility, so I will try not to let the content overlap with your other favorite site too much. I pretty much just shoot photos, maybe if I feel like going for broke I’ll nose manual something. So, that said, my updates will probably just consist of cavalcade of recent photos of other people that I’ve shot:

TJ Bohach – FS Board. This rail is nipple height. Which is about 3 and a half feet (I just measured).

Here’s another picture from that same day. Josh Ellis, the man who made my childhood dream of updating this site a reality, with a no comply pole jam.

Sam Freyberg nosepick at some ditch in Rockford, IL. That’s right, I resisted the temptation to make some stupid “Sam picks his nose” caption.

TJ Bohach – BS tailslide.

That’s all for now, at least until I set my film scanner up again.