Butter Buns

Today a box arrived at our door showcasing beautiful art featuring a taco, a backpack, a Pizzy, and a phantom blader. Not only is it serious art, but it tells a serious story.

Inside the box was another autographed board for Gary’s collection. This one is from Chris Cole.

Gary’s other board is signed by Matt Mumford. Gary likes this board better because he’d very much like to rape the cat shown on the graphic much like he often rapes Mr. Spooky.

Gary also is now on a Tshirt available to you for purchase at Cream City Skatepark. Gary is mad none of the funds are being converted into cat food for him.

A little known fact about Gary (besides the fact that Gary isn’t his real name) is that he is a huge fan of all types of British rock circa late 70’s to early 90’s. His favorite labels include Creation, Rough Trade, 4AD, Factory, Cherry Red, Postcard, Sarah, and Beggar’s Banquet. He prefers his music on tapes because he is very partial to his yellow water proof jogger’s walkman. Elliott on the other hand, likes very patriotic American music like Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood.

I asked Gary what video part he is feeling right now, and he said “mreeeeeeeeeeoeeeoeoooooowwww”. So I posted this instead:

Tim Jackson – Risk It: Gambling with Gravity. I don’t know about you, but I feel this is indeed the proper way to place a wager against the natural phenomenon by which all objects with mass are attracted to each other. A huge Beezy influence.

I got this video at a thrift store in Arizona, and don’t be tricked into thinking that this whole video is this radical. In fact, it’s about 85% pure toture and 15% pure genius. Almost everyone in the video has separate street, mini ramp, bowl, and vert parts. There’s gotta be at least 10 King Horse songs in it too. There’s a long standing rule in the Horny House that if you want to watch Risk It that you can never fast forward, only rewind. This is also the video where Danny Way “lands” the 900 many years before Tony Hawk did.