Since Down Molly.

Old Dude Night, as to be expected, was another rousing success. Mr. Twister was doing it up like it was 1996 with his nollie hardflips. Tim was doing it up like it was 1986 with his airwalks. Le Garcon got pissed just like he used to in the old days. Lord Cru left because I was giggling at him too much. Uncle Aaron didn’t show up. I did a new trick for the first time in forever. Does it still count if no one saw you do it? For you old slackers not bothering to show up, every Wednesday at Cream City is now officially skate for 25% off if you’re older than 25. You can spend those saved two dollars on a couple of Pabst tall boys. I also got to use my new flash and got a few alright photos. I will try to post them up here later on.

Speaking of Cru, we somehow totally forgot to go fishing yesterday, so I have nothing to report on that front. The zombie sams will live to march another day. Also, that pic of the so called Gauntlet you posted doesn’t feature me, that’s Menschel, you schmuck. Mistaking your bedroo…errrr…bar/skate/fishing buddy for some other totally unrelated dude? Unfathomable and unacceptable!

My appeal for you dudes to email me went entirely unheeded. Now I have no idea what to write about today. Nice one, jerks. Maybe I’ll mention for the 80th time how great it is outside this time of year, and specifically today. Get out there on your boards until it’s too late and you have to order those ice skate truck things they used to sell in the back of Thrasher. I think someone should send me a set of those to review for the site.

Also for the 80th time, Munz has been going off over there on the Plat. He covers it all too. We have five people updating this site and we probably write about four topics at the most (Brats, Skating, Fishing, Drinking). Munz goes it solo (what happened to Meyer??) and covers everything from diamond plate grip tape, worktime funnies, baseball, other skateboarding websites (the only skate sites I look at are the Plat, and Crail on occasion) to current political scandals.

On that tip, I happened to see some of Foley’s chatlogs and I couldn’t believe how hilarious those things were. “Maf54 (7:47:11 PM): good so your getting horny”…First off, this (old, white) guy is helping to run our country in some way or form, yet he doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your”. I like how I’m more concerned with that than the fact that he’s trying to woo an underage male via the power of the internet. Either way, that snippet of conversation looks like something Tim would send to me. The only difference being is he would use proper grammar. Maybe we could somehow vote Tim into office? Regardless, I better quit while I’m ahead here on this topic though, nothing is more painful than talking about politics. Except maybe religion.

Photo of the day #14

Thought you were having a bad day? This poor dude got stuck in a rainspout and turned into a mummy. Think about how bad that would suck for a minute and buck up, champ!