Slippery Hot Lunch Meat.

Yesterday, I made a promise to Josh that I would update this here website at least once a week with only the highest quality photos and top notch literature. And since I promised him, I might as well promise all of you dicks, too. So let it be known that today is the first of many Saturday summertime funtime updates which I promise to you to happen every week…….

Today was pretty much the first “real” summer-ish day in where I got to roam the streets with some nerds that love to ride the skateboards. The crew consisted of Pizzy, Josh, Jack (welcome back) and Max Murphy. The day basically consisted of taking Max to spots that us crippled old men wouldn’t touch, but would love to see get ripped.

This ollie happened on the way out of a spot where other things were supposed to happen but didn’t work out. Max has some ups. Sorry about the blurry Murf, but I was shooting with a little point and shoot and Max moves at high speeds.

After that spot we stopped for some beverages and Josh bought Pizzy a little gift to help keep the sun from reeking havoc on his dome. He wore it pretty much all day.

By the way, Pizzy got a new ride. He’s rolling sedan style with a sunroof. Who’s coming up at 35? Pizzy is!

Speaking of Pizzy, he just had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and I snapped this beauty of a photo outside of the bar we celebrated his 35th at.

If you can identify all three people in this photo, you will win your weight in Coors Light. Enter now.

Anyway, back to today. After the doo-rag purchase, we stopped off at a school in the danger zone where a new option was spotted by Max.

It may not look too gnarly through the lens of a tiny Canon SD450, but let me reassure you that it was no joke. And don’t bother asking where it is, you wont be able to skate it anyway.

We then headed out and skated a whole bunch of other really fun stuff, but my camera stayed in the car the remainder of the day due to a burnt battery. Josh has some photos you will surely see in due time.

Man, when was the last time I posted a cat photo? It seems like forever. How about one of Louise flying?

Don’t worry, she landed on a nice, soft mattress.

Until next week – later nerds.