Dirty Rice Mix

Sunday we did some skateboarding with Max Murphy.

Here he is boardsliding a curved rail that curves the wrong way. Something went awry with my taking of this photo and it made his face looked like smeared water color, but it could be worse, I suppose. Trivia wise, Max said awhile back there were some girls fighting here and someone filmed it. Then the clip was posted on the internets and the news picked it up and did a story on it. I guess my point is, this rail is famous for female on female violence.

Perhaps it’s my choice of flash stand creating the problem.

Max, frontside 180 over the bar.

I found this drawing on my computer that Tim must have done some point in history. I’m not sure what it was supposed to be for though.

Horny House news: There’s been an empty bottle of Alize sitting on the floor next to the toilet going on two weeks now. There’s an empty can of Pabst on the reverse side. Plus my eyeball hurts and I don’t know why. Tim invented a trick skating in the street in front of the house earlier that he named “Gorilla Munch”. I made up one called “Koala Krisp”. No one has gotten a new high score on our Ms. Pacman machine in over two years. Gary still rapes Mr. Spooky a lot. There are more brand new pairs of shoes under this roof than there ever has been or ever will be again.