Soggy Bread Is My Greatest Fear

I guess I can basically pick it up where I left off Friday. First thing on the agenda for the night was the art show:

As you can see, I’m dedicated to testing out the Duffs in all possible situations. They can really hold their own in Logan’s Run-esque areas when matched up against weird pointy witch shoes. My feet felt comfortable while the pointy shoe wearers reported some toe crunching discomfort. I didn’t win any awards or free crap or anything like that, so I suppose the Duffs receive a negative for that transgression.

After was yet another Friday night trip to MP:

The night was not off the hizzy due to a one Lord Cru being MIA. What a load of crap. Not only that, but Skateboard P got his tooth busted out by an errant beer bottle. Pabst I think. So not only did the Duffs fail to convince the DJ to play songs that didn’t suck, they also didn’t protect P’s teeth from beer bottle brutality. Wait, the DJ always plays shitty songs. Maybe someday we’ll be smart enough to start going somewhere else.

Saturday I woke up early and took the dog for a walk down the by river.

Every single weekend warrior in the tri-state area was out there, nipple deep in their waders trying to reel in a zombie salmon or two. Cru? We’re still sleeping on it.

I scooped up Tim from the house and we went and set up our new boards. (Tim already posted a picture of my colorful, hot new set up). Cru met us there and as we were trying out the no comply factor of the new rides he just breaks out this huge knife and a coconut and goes to town on it.

Cru claims it’s the best thing on the planet, especially for hang overs, but I gave it the old college try and it kind of tasted like the water wrung out from a dirty washcloth or something. “It’s not really my thing…” as that one dude says. I had to rinse out my mouth with the familiar chemical taste of cola afterwards.

The first spot we skated was an old favorite, Boban would agree. Afterwards I was feeling the Logan’s Run vibe from the night before so we took the session over here:

Cru was getting extra horny on the cobblestone ledge:

Tim invented a new trick called the Big South Side…

..and ate shit trying to blast one off the three stair ledge. Cru said it was one of the scariest falls he’d ever seen. Good thing I missed the photo on that one. Anyway, Tim’s leg now looks like it went through a cheese grater.

With Tim now sidelined for the rest of the night he took his secondary job of holding the flash up in the air very seriously:

Here’s Cru backside nosegrinding where the ballet plays.

It was getting pretty cold by that point, so we checked out that one huge bank that had a huge crack at the bottom which for some reason was recently repaired. Why a place that wants to keep skateboarders away would repair the world’s best natural skatestopper, I don’t know.

The rest of the night was pretty chill. We drank some Sparks, stayed in for once, and added an addition onto the cat maze. Elliott waited patiently on top of the TV just like E.T. blending in with all the stuffed animals:

To be continued…

Photo of the day #21

It’s always fun looking through the archives and finding pictures that you’ve forgotten about. This is a photo of Ben Vance taken in December of ’04 doing an ollie over the rail into the bank at a Southside school. I have no idea how we were skating outside in December, and I’m pretty sure he landed this the first and only time he tried it because this was the only photo of him trying it that I had. I definitely remember him landing it. The evidence is clear, no jury would ever convict.