Spinning Bird Kick


Tim told me updating once an hour sucks, and man he was right. I don’t have anything worthwhile to say once a week, let alone once an hour, so that means I’m taking the easy way out and talking about skateboarding.

Toy Machine – Good & Evil.
I was kind of worried about this one. Welcome to Hell is one of my favorite videos, and I was scared that this new crew would sully my golden memories. I’d have to say they did alright, but I’ve also heard people comment that this video is one of the worst things ever. I’d definitely disagree. First off, you obviously expect a lot of handrails. This is pretty true, especially in Billy Marks’ part, but it seems like everyone made a pretty good effort to skate a wide range of stuff. Surprisingly Ed only has a few rails in his part, he mostly skates banks. I was also kind of worried because that Josh Harmony dude has a part in this. He’s from the Chicago suburbs and the type of skateboarding that comes out of those parts is disgusting at best. Size 24 jeans and 50-50’s on handrails all day. I’d have to say I was pretty impressed. He skates a pretty wide range of stuff and doesn’t overdo the pole dancing too much. There’s a couple am dudes I didn’t really care about, but they seemed solid enough. Diego has the last part, and skates to a hilarious South American version of Rhapsody (not Iron Maiden like everyone says), he hucks down big sets of stairs, does kickflip bs tails, etc etc. What you expect. All in all it is a pretty solid video. Nothing earth shattering, a lot of what you’d expect, but still a good amount of surprises tucked in there. Kind of like making out with an old girlfriend or something. A solid B.

I think that’s about all I can squeeze out this time. A disjointed review of a video. I’m amazing. At least that Kimmy girl is on the Amanda boat. I can’t wait til 7!