2 PM.

Sorry people. Had some car trouble on the way to pick up the lady for her lunch break. Now I am back and ready to roll….

The wonders of Chicken McNuggets never cease to amaze. Teamed up with BBQ sauce, it’s no wonder America is a nation of fat-asses.

In regards to the little weak Triumvirate dis made by Jeff; well Jeff, if we are so lame and powerless how come we have Kimmy from the corporate superpower, Zero skateboards, making a post? Because we’re lame? Nope. Because we rip more than Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk.

So on a recent trip to Vegas My roommate Katrina and I head back to our hotel room at the Flamingo but discover that Kendra the birthday girl, whom we are there to celebrate, was wasted passed out in the room and not waking up to let us in. So after a long nap curled up in the hallway and Katrina sleeping on the fire escape outside, Kendra woke up and decided to let us in. Now I was so refreshed from the hallway nap but too hung over to go outside so this would normally lead to a boring day. But thank god our hotel room had cable because there was a Top Model marathon on VH1! I have never seen this show so I was very excited to watch it for the following 7 hours. The only thing that really pissed me off is that I was rooting for Cassie (because I thought since she had an eating disorder that meant she really was ready to be a top model) but they kept playing commercials for the season finale that tells you that Yaya, Eva, and Amanda are the last three. Thanks for ruining it VH1. My new vote is for Amanda.

Well being the entrepreneur that I am I thought how could I make money off of something like this?? Well I am not a supermodel but however a really damn good receptionist over here at Scary Skateboards. So then the idea of Black Box’s Next Top Mustache popped in my head. See a couple employees have been in this Scum Stash Challenge. Since November 15th they have been growing out their mustaches. The contract states that they are not aloud to groom their scum stash area till December 15th where a “judgment will be handed down from the higher powers” and someone wins best mustache. We could have elimination rounds and judging just like in Top Model. Eating a hotdog with all the toppings on and seeing who comes out with less food in the stashe…. Seeing who can get more little children into thier van with candy…. It will be great. So since Tyra is the host for top model because she is a super model I though who better to judge then Tom Selleck, he had a super mustache back in Magnum PI days. He is the high power of mustaches in my book.

Or maybe Jamie, he has a good mustache too.
I might get fired for this… But he had a steller stashe at the Halloween bowling party:

Who will win…… THE NEXT TOP MUSTACHE?????
Beyonce, Mongo, Lurksteg, Anzig, or Noah?

There you have it. Straight from Zero headquarters. Jamie’s cutter steez could be the next big thing in skateboarding.
Thanks Kimmy!