The weather sure has been pretty weird. I’m not complaining though. The faux fall can stall here for the rest of the summer as far as I’m concerned. That might cut into chances of getting to see Pizzy go off the high dive, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Speaking of Pizzy, I’ve been pretty into the Oregon Trail.

Last week I got to see the fireworks in the pouring rain. The lightning made me very scary, but it was magical like a movie. Afterwards I met Sanj, Carn, and Neal for a show of wacky proportions.

Videohippos and Dan Deacon! A great show. And coming from me…I hate going to shows at this advanced age of mine, but I had a great time. A wacky sweaty great time.

Iris?? No, Fake Iris! Another neighborhood porch cat to go along with Fake Gary. I thought Fake Iris got entombed under the neighbor’s porch, but she was living down the block or something. When she finally decided to make an appearance, it was voted the happiest moment of the week!

Finally, a skate photo. Danny Stemper, lipslide the wooden rail. I think this just mostly shows how bad I need to get a radio for my flash. I wish I knew how to save money.