This is a karate dojo, not a knitting class!!

A few of you might remember the sort of weird mid 90’s Chicago band Sweep the Leg Johnny. I can’t even tell you how annoyed I’ve been over the years that they took their name from a quote in The Karate Kid but didn’t even make sure their quote was right. All of my nerdy annoyance has finally caused me to lash out in a way that is entirely proper for nerdy annoyance in this day and age. I went on wikipedia and edited the band’s page to state the name of the band is misquoted, AND I didn’t even cite a reference!! I will never know a shame greater than this, quite possibly the lowest point of my life. (The oft quoted “Put him in a body bag, Johnny” is wrong too, but there’s no band named that [yet], so I can’t textually flail out on wikipedia to make myself feel better about that one.)


I didn’t make up to Cream City for the Zero demo, but it’s pretty awesome that Chris Cole is so into the Swarm. I remember last year when those guys were here for some reason or another and I walked into the pro shop to see a bunch of them watching Beez 2. I’m pretty sure Chris Cole thought the video was called “Beez Frame”, but it’s alright. The bee virus got into his brain and it led to Beez 3 being the stupidest skate video to ever feature a Thrasher Skater of the Year. Something to be proud of.

We were in the ping pong room for a heated match between Mr. Twister and Stemper. There’s obviously no love lost between these guys. 100% serious business.

Like I said, serious business. Look at that game face! It was a two out of three match, and Mr. Twister easily took the first game, but the second was very close. After a prolonged battle to win by two points, Twister finally came out on top. What a dick.

On Saturday we went to a mini flea market by Milwaukee’s second most played out skatespot of all time. That collection of great A/V equipment wasn’t even part of the sale, it was just sitting out for whoever wanted it. What luck! The flea market was kind of a bust, but Tim did come out ahead with his purchase of Fetal Garfield for $0.80.

Later, John Rockafellow was out street skating with us. A very rare thing, indeed. This backside 5-0 over the grate wasn’t anything super serious for him, but I wanted to take a photo, and take a photo I did. I gotta give Mr. Twister holding flash props on that one. He made me promise I’d give him flash credit before he’d hold it for me.

We wound the session down with a very serious bout of rock skating. Left, Pat Forster with a golden hour nosebonk. On the right Jeff Chase treats us to a case of the Wooly Mammoth.

Here’s a couple of Tim Olson from Tuesday getting very Power Edge in the bowl at Cream City. On the left is a very aggro sweeper. Right is a horny layback air. Tim wanted me to make a faux Power Edge cover with one of these photos, but that might just be a little too much work for today.

Finally, this is from a series of Milwaukee photos I’m working on. Pretty corny, but whatever, I’m into them.

‘Til next time (week?)…