Strawberry, Strawberry

It’s been a bit since anyone has put anything new on here, so I figured I’d throw a couple of things up.

I went skating Sean Hanley and Max Murphy a couple of weeks ago on a Friday night. It mostly involved rolling around and trying to do lipslides on Milwaukee’s best painted downhill curb ever, but we did manage to shoot a couple of photos too.

Max Murphy – Tall Golden Hour Feeble.

Sean Hanley – Backside Flip Over the Rail.

We just got back from a crew deep get away to Louisville, so pictures and video from that should be rolling in sooner than later.

Don’t forget about 48.

Gabe also came through with posting another part from GARY: Party of the Mind on Skate Illinois. Many Milwaukee spots are shredded by Scott Gall. Then you get a suprise ending when it cuts off unexpectedly. Check it.