Big Oversized Sub Sandwich (B.O.S.S.).

Last weekend a solid crew consisting of ten trolls made the yearly excursion down to Louisville, Kentucky to do some skating, drinking and more skating. I took a lot of pictures with my iPhone (which explains the low quality) and decided to give you dirts a sort of “slideshow” to hopefully illustrate exactly what Russ missed out on by being a huge pussy and not coming along.

This was probably the most productive trip to Kentucky (skating-wise) thus far. With dudes like T.J., Sam Berget and Max Murphy along for the ride, you know something gnarly will go down. And it did. You will see once Josh captures the moves to his computer and puts them all together set to music. Thanks to the dudes in Louisville who showed us around and shared their spots with us. No thanks to the rollerblader that waxed everything in the park and left ten minutes later.

Later nerds.