Suddenly Susan

It’s over for Bryan at Official New York’s bandwidth. He put up a fourty minute video called “Vicious Cycle”, and I think he said Zered Basset had something to do with its creation. It that’s not a high enough selling point for you, I don’t know what else would be. Check it out here.

Word also is, that there’s a skatejam at Fritsche Middle School in Bayview tomorrow at 2pm. Ace will be there running the dice tourney, so break out all your singles.

Videos? I saw some of that new 411. It’s “The Stereo Issue”, and it’s not too bad. Really weird for there to be two 411’s in a row that aren’t shitters, but I guess I shouldn’t complain. I really liked Clint Peterson’s part. Dude has such a rad style, and of course, the Midwest thing helps too. Jason Lee even has a couple tricks in there. Old dudes are stoked.

I changed up how the video reviews system works, so hopefully I didn’t break anything over there. I’m also kind of at a beta stage of being able to list the music track listing that goes along with the videos, since there’s always 1000 kids on message boards asking what so and so’s song in a video is. It’ll work the same way as sending in the reviews…i.e. you guys submit the info, and if it isn’t bad, I ‘ok’ it and it goes live. That should be up and running sometime next week.