Monster Mail Call!

Wisconsin to New York transplantee, Adam K (some of you probably know him simply as AK) has emailed us some tasty tidbits of local Wisconsin monster folklore. It appears we have much more to fear than just our friend the Hodag!

“There are a few things that i found on the internet that are kinda rad.
Apparently our dear little Hodag isnt alone in his/her little game of of cat and
mousing around the counties of Wisconia.

In Lincoln co. a few locals described a bearwolf that mauled some wee in a field one nite. Nothing out of the ordinary; Bear body, wolf head and of course fangs. Bearwolf lacks in a cool name though so hasnt gained the popularity of the Hodag.

Clark co. has some Devil Monkeys wreaking havoc at the farms, slashing up livestock and the sort.

Kiel co. has a Bigfoot beast a-lurking that has been alarming the kids at the Kiel co. version of makeout mountain. It is thought that he is attracted to the moaning and slurping sounds coming from the maker-outers thinking it to be some kind of aquatic prey.

The Blue Hills have Mummies buried there. I have never heard this before.

Stevens Point proudly claims a White Bigfoot but despite the change up from the brown bigfoot to a white one, nothing seems too characteristically charming about the monster.

Walworth co. i.e. tornado town usa pleas for people to take their WolfDog problem seriously because it has eaten whole cows in a night.

Lastly, and probably the only rival to challenge the infamous Hodag in its fear-factor; Waukesha, home to many of the contributors of Wiskate as well as its readers, have reported sightings since 1972 of a PHANTOM KANGAROO that has actually been photographed but the police will not give out the photos.

This is all some straight Ripleys stuff so watch out when you are Goonie-ing spots or hunting for that next perfect ledge in the middle of nowhere.”

Intriguing! Speaking of other mythical beasts, I had a short conversation with Lutzka yesterday, and he says the Almost video is nearing completion, and should be available in a couple months.