Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty

As mentioned in the very post directly below this one, there is an Alumni skatejam at Cream City tonight. Will the Old Dudes still be there? I hope so, because I think Tim and I are going to go over there.

Brad Jacobson, basically the only person that bothers to email us, sent over a link to an All Hallows/Wisconsin Skateboarding video clip he made. Why people don’t send us more stuff like this, I have no idea. You should pick up on that I’m using a passive/aggressive method to try to get you to send us links to your video clips of you skateboarding somewhere in Wisconsin. This site is called wiskate.com after all. Do it up.

Yesterday Munz @ tha Plat posted a link to a trailer for the City Skateboards video. Seeing skating like it is presented in that video clip makes me think that skateboarding is again going in the right direction, but then again, Tim got a Crimson Skateboards (Kris Markovich’s new company) promo the other day and I’ll just say that it made me very sad in the pants. Will the guys doing it up proper win the war against boring mediocrity?? Anyway, I’m just going to go ahead and steal the link to the goods: City Skateboards Trailer.

More video clip links? Fine. I watched the Color video on my lunch break today, and say what you will about Jeremy Wray, but the skating in this is insane for 1993. Check it out for yourself right here. If this part came out today, it would still be proper. Well, I guess dude still is doing basically the same stuff. That means this part is still coming out today in however many videos he’s been in since the Color video, but whatever, still one of my favorite parts of all time.

Photo of the day #28

Looking good, Tim. Looking good.