Like A Mudslide from TGI Fridays

I was going to try to give you a wiskate “Cribs” style update like Tim did. I mean, I had been meaning to introduce all the pets for awhile, but Tim beat me to it. I figured I’d just keep going with the idea of bringing you, the reader, closer to us, but with something a little different. What I had in mind would have consisted of an extremely interesting write up on our electronic housemates – the arcade machines. That was until I turned them all on to get a photo and Defender stopped working after it was running for five minutes. I’m sure I’ll be able to fix it, but I don’t have such a good track record with finding the time to do these sorts of things. There’s a Mortal Kombat 2 machine sitting next to me that has been broken for over a year. Now the cats live in it instead of Shao Kahn and cheap amateur arcade playing tactics. Bummer, dude.

Continuing with the bummer trend, today I woke up to find my car covered in frost. The first scraping of the year, always a sign of bad things to come. I can’t even imagine the amount of Myth Busters I’ll watch this winter.

Tomorrow Old Dude Night at Cream City is being preempted by the Alumni skate jam. It might be more exciting to come skate with the dudes from Madison than us surly old dudes anyway. There will probably be way more nollie flips than airwalks. Just so you know.

Is this update too negative? Here’s something Uncle Jon had been brainstorming for awhile…you know how sometimes you have those dogs that always have their tails up in the air and you have to see their butthole all the time? We present you this:

You’ll notice in the inset that the “Butthole eye patch” conveniently moves out of the way for all pooping necessities. No one steal Uncle Jon’s idea. Thanks.

Photo of the day #27

Natural transition on the streets is all the rage right now. I’m glad we here in lowly little Milwaukee are lucky enough to have spots like this to stay on top of the trends in skateboarding. Above, Mike Roebke styles out a legit disaster on this beast of a natural quarterpipe. Don’t ask us where it is, cause we aint telling!