Talkin’ To Steve.

If you didn’t know, Josh, Stemper and I spent the last week in the San Diego area of California. It was a great break from this crap excuse of a winter and it proved to be the best vacation I have ever been on.

We left last Monday. I sat bitch on every flight. Josh and I spent the trip writing Star Trek fan fiction and drawing stupid crap in my notebook. Goodbye Milwaukee.

Hello Encinitas. Chad Bartie was nice enough to pick us up from the airport and take us on a short tour of the shoreline and some famous Del Mar spots. He took us to get some caffeine then to John McGuire’s house where we would be staying for the week. Josh jumped in the hammock for a quick kip and then we skated the household quarterpipe. The picture on the right is of Matt Mumford’s dog named Bluedog. He was staying with us while Matt was in Australia. We will talk in detail about Blue later. He was quite the character.

After lunch we went to check out Black Box, which is the headquarters of Zero, Slave, Mystery and Fallen. The place is huge and everyone we met were really nice and welcoming. We skated their TF until John was finished slangin’ skulls and ended the day by getting dinner with him, his girlfriend Heather and his roommate Dave, then skating some slappy curbs. The picture on the right is of some really good “street art” we saw while exploring an abandoned resort on the beach.

Our first day there was a success thanks to this guy. Log on tomorrow for more. I will be coming in hot with a ton of great photos to share including some of us actually skateboarding. Super rare.

Later nerds.