Fakie Proto Vagina

As Tim has already posted, yes we have recently embarked and then returned from a glorious journey. A journey so filled with lulz and Coors Light that it shall forever be barely remembered. Don’t think that’s a bad thing for a second though, because those fragments of memory that float to the surface of the branial hard drive are the best to behold and cherish. Like your first mic check, or maybe an early 90s slappy noseslide curb session.

As the Great Clark W. Griswold once said: “Let’s do day one!”.

Not the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, but a Frontier Jet with a walrus on it. And although it’s not rendered in Intellevision graphics, this analogy is close enough.

A true life hole in the sky, just like the Sabbath song.

We kept ourselves busy on the plane with a few free minutes of VH1 80’s Classics station. What I wouldn’t give to have that at home. Anyway, The Pointer Sister’s dredged up a memory from Tim’s brain that led to many lulz on my part. We drew a bunch of crap on the flight that shall slowly be scanned in as I do these updates.

After a much appreciated ride from a friendly Australian we had finally arrived. Tim wasted no time taking advantage of the amenities offered by this lovely Encinitas abode. I’m not much of a pool guy but they also have Guitar Hero on tap. How could one have a single thing to complain about?

Let’s not forget that they also have a quarter pike! The idea that this trip might be one for the record books was beginning to dawn on me.

Just to prove the stars couldn’t be in a more perfect alignment, Stemper rose to the challenge and added a new one to his bag of tricks. Pivot frontside 270 in.

The amount of greatness didn’t stop there though. We were also provided with the use of a beautifully comfortable Sienna for the duration of the trip. After the QP sesh, we took it over to Black Box carefully following John’s directions left for us. Once I saw the Blood Fountain he had rendered on our treasure map to the skulls I knew we had arrived. We got a tour of the place and spent some time skating the park there. Some of the nicest dudes you could possibly imagine work at that place. Happiness all around.

I am picture less for the rest of that night, but we had dinner which featured what became a very common theme and I may say friend for the rest of the trip. Something which I was entirely unaware of. Milwaukee is a Pabst city. Southern California is a backer of the Coors Light. Some people claim Pabst tastes like watered down piss. I’d wager that Pabst has at least 10x the flavor compared to the Silver Bullet. I’m not quite so sure where I’m going with this, but let’s just say the Coors Light was the fuel for the fun (and farts) for the entire journey. That’s not to say the fun was the fuel for the laughs, also.

Tune in tomorrow for day two.