Teethy Teef

I am the best person ever at putting things off. Bills, projects, giving Tim his massages, whatever. This also includes getting my wisdom teeth out. I just turned the ripe old age of 27, and I still have them kicking around. The funny part is my dentist is so apathetic about it. “You can get them out if you want to, but if you don’t feel like it, don’t bother.” Obviously that was great news to my ears. Once I was supposed to go in and get a bunch of fillings and the guy just does one of them and said the other ones weren’t even worth bothering with. My point might not be so clear here, so let me just say, him telling me not to get the wisdom teeth removed was taken as pure gospel. Obviously things have gone to shit now. One of them came in so crooked that it’s tearing into the side of my mouth and just throwing salt in my proverbial game left and right. I can barely eat my daily submarine sandwich without wincing in pain. The real test is yet to come. I still have not made a dentist appointment. Will I ever? Time will only tell. Let’s see how bad things can get.

Otherwise, as you can guess by Lord Cru’s last post, I haven’t been skating all too much in the last couple of weeks. A couple sessions at the old Cream City, but not much else. A lot of going on the town and becoming a big sack of shit. Which is always respectable. I guess.

We did do something a little special the other weekend though. Some of you older guys might remember a magical little spot known as the Batman Ditch. It hasn’t been sessioned in years due to the dirt below it being washed out and the whole thing tipping on its side. We got an idea, and we made it happen. Here’s the story in pictures:

Tim was also updating the site as I was working on this, and for some odd reason he just came in here and punched me in the balls. Why? I do not know. My form of revenge, which in retrospect probably doesn’t even the odds, was using our little household equalizer known as Weepy the Wee Wee. He goes a little something like this:

Imagine that spraying all over Tim’s back, and you’ll realize my balls definitely have not been redeemed. So I am now going to go into his room and punch him in the cock.

It worked perfectly. He was watching some lame video on his computer and he didn’t even see it coming. Now he’s in there just going “Ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhhh it hurts so bad!!” Always get even, and always take care of your teeth.

In conclusion, we love cats. And here’s a video clip of Tim skating from like 4 or 5 years ago. Tim gets kinda horny.