the cube is back! its been about 10 years since larry clark stalked out cube locs like harold hunter, leo fitzpatrick, this girl i work with, some other dudes and made a movie cleverly titled kids.since then its been overrun with goths in gigantic black nylon cargo pants with lots of useable? straps… well,the tide has turned…. i walked past this really mundane hangout/skate spot/rotating piece of art and lo and behold, a grip of dudes chillin, skating, lurking, waiting for their big break or whatever else you do at this not so skate spot skate spot were in full effect. nyc circa 95 is afoot. catch it while its hot.

james, now why do i have to READ that youll be in nyc. do i not get phone calls anymore. im so off your list. i want my white shorts back. have fun with birry and james iha.

you guys saw daughters. i dont even know how to comment. i bought 2 converge shirts at the show last week, i guess that evens us out on the gay meter.