That Looks Better Than I Thought It Would

Sometimes as a victim of circumstance one must take skating photos instead of making skating movies.  Today was one such day.  The day wasn’t so long as to provide enough content for one post, so there are also a couple of older photos included to extend the duration of this internet posting.

Here’s a production still from the set of Nocember: The Gargon files featuring Nick Mistele doing a Frontside Boardslide pop over to fakie.

Matt “BMAN” Nordness with a switchstance backside lipslide.

Micheal “Big Shits” Al Wathiqui doing a frontside lipslide.

Drew “Rick Nasty” Rickaby performing a backside tailslide.

Matt “BMAN” Nordness in has natural bump to bar habitat doing a frontside ollie of exactly one hundred and eighty degrees.  It is kind of hard to see here that he has chosen to start wearing a mustache as prescribed by his long running Nordness family tradition.  I.E. “The Heirloom – The MORT”.