That’s Fruitopia

Day three of the trip to San Diego may have been the best skating wise. We skated a plethora of spots and then finished it off with an L.A. Massacre style downhill run through the streets of San Diego.

When a fresh, tasty can of Sparks awaits for you hostlered in the rear of a mythical ivory steed, it will often glow ethereally like this. It is a sign the gods are smiling down upon you.

A mild disaster narrowly avoided. Believe it or not, sometimes Beezing can be slightly dangerous! Fly from the Midwest to San Diego to go to a school with 100 perfect ledges, and what do you do? Pole vault over them!

A legitimate rock climbing experience.

This was our warming up session for the San Diego Downhill (please imagine an epic going for it song of your choice in your head):

These parrots are expensive. Joe and Russ show the appropriate level of concern.

This was the usual skating/CL crew for the trip. Apparently this spot was officially Storm’d and that fact made me feel very happy inside. I wonder where Russ got that cup for his special drinks?

Pictured on the right is some serious shredding by Russ. Believe it or not, but it was a make too! He was usually this embarrassing everywhere we went, but we all loved it and embraced it.

Have you ever had a pair of pants where the zipper would never stay up? Me too. You eventually just get to the point where you say “fuck it” and just go with the flow.

Part of the downhill required some off road maneuvering. Stemper clearly had the time of his life traversing it:

The best part of old Powell videos are the crowd reaction shots after a trick is landed.

The crew was pretty deep.

Another segment of the adventure required bombing a ten or twelve story parking garage. We rode up fifteen deep in the elevator, and the security guard joined us halfway up. I don’t know if he intended to stop us or not, but he was pretty ineffective. He did at least mention that his best weapon was his radio for calling the police.

The view from the top.

The view after a long day of doing slappies. Of course I ate shit doing those too, and of course I ruined my shirt and hurt myself.

The finish line.

After all the excitement it was time for a pizza party…

..and going to a bar for the premiere of Brian Lotti’s new video. At least Nate Sherwood was there too.

Russ’ grand finale of Thin Lizzy and novelty ice cream. Solid day.