A Substantial Bush

The night before day four began with some After School Special style unrecommended night time wasted ocean swimming. Both Stemper and Russ ate shit on the skate there. I saw both of the unfortunate moments up close, and basically neither of them should have happened. Both were also very LOL moments, Russ’ more so. When we got to the beach it was very dark, we had half a boogie board, and the rats were raging. It was a very Giggle Buddies moment when Troy had no swimming suit and started stripping as two love birds strolled past. Seeing him porpoise on that boogie board sans clothing was quite the unsettling moment. Contrary to what I learned from TV specials not one person drowned due to inebriation. They only comically fell off their skateboards.

The next day we awoke to this special message awaiting us in the Sienna. She’s a little bit sick and you have to treat her right. We drove over to Black Box and shredded the Jeff WonSong regulation sized flatbar outside. We tried to get down on it with JWS caliber tricks, but no one was able to knock it over with unfortunate wacky late crab walk reverts with arms in T-Rex position. Don’t underestimate Jeff WonSong’s skills!

That last caption is actually entirely inaccurate, since we went to Black Box later, and ate at this great/gross diner with Troy first before he drove the viagra home.

Then it was time to explore the cliff side Troll hangout.

There are balconies on each floor, and each floor had several used rubbers. I felt like Indiana Jones finding the Shared Pleasure jewel of computer graphics in space. Or something. I never did see that new one.

After John and David were done with work we headed over to Breeze Nuts. On the last trip Tim had claimed that this was his favorite skate spot of the entire journey. This time Russ made the very same claim. I landed my very first backside noseblunt here because I was offered a Sparks if I was victorious. Shit would have been tight if it had happened 1989. Who am I kidding, there was no such thing as Sparks in 1989.

I think after the skating we went home and watched Hocus Pokus while I drank my not Sparks because the weird gas station we went to didn’t have it.