The crying criers bring the baby games!!!

The enemies of the Triumvirate are now becoming obvious. First we have They try to call wiskate out on posting two year old video clips, but then in the same exact post he links to a two year old video clip of his own. The thing is, while we may post two year old video clips here, at least ours are unseen!

Next on the hitlist is That site has been around for 1000 years, and is updated even less than! They accuse us of producing gay porn videos? (True). But as Sam at Dudes pointed out, as you can clearly see, our videos get so much praise and great reviews. Let’s see reviews like that for anything you’ve created! That’s what I thought!

My idea – if you’re so bummed that the Triumvirate is so rad, why don’t you create your own (whack ass, second rate, late to the party) Triumvirate. You’ve already got two members, you just need to find another Midwestern site, and you’re set. Then it’s on!