Midwest Segregation!

All this drama caused by the formation of the most powerful triumvirate ever has brought up the possiblilty of a second triumvirate collaboration within the midwest. The only problem could be the lack of another good midwestern site that would fit in with the guys over at [link=http://www.mnskateboarder.com]Mnskateboarder[/link] and [link=http://www.skatemag.com]Skatemag[/link]. Well, look no further guys, I think I found just the right site to make your feeble attempt at a triumvirate a possible contender. [link=http://www.glbears.com/index.html]These guys[/link] could make your bi-umvirate a full-on, out-of-the-closet triumvirate! No more bi-curiosity for you two!
Of course you know what this means; an all out war! May I suggest a triumvirate vs. triumvirate game of h.a.t.e.? It could be the biggest event of the summer!
Exclamation points – so hot right now!!!