The Glittering Prizes

Winter has been pretty kind the last couple of weeks here in Milwaukee. It’s definitely been warm enough to skate outside, even in the mid 40’s a few days. I hope you’re all taking advantage of the mildness because it’s obviously not going to last. I even saw a bunch of people skating the double set in front of the art museum on the way home from work last night. That’s not a very common sight.

Have I been taking advantage of these great days? Obviously not. Don’t be silly, it’s dark outside by the time I get home from work! That, and I’m super lazy. Hopefully we’ll get out there and get some photos for the site this weekend. Things have been pretty sparse around here.

Speaking of new photos, Eric Switzer sent me this photo Eric Risser took of him 360 flipping that one gap that I don’t think anyone ever bothered to make up a name for. The photo makes it look kind of small, but this thing is huge. Tim O’conner had an ad doing an ollie over it. He went over the hydrant which adds some distance, but regardless, it’s proof that it’s not baby games. I guess.

Touch some tits at midnight for me. Peace.