Absinthe Red Bull, LeTigre, and Chaos

I said I would update from every location, and I am making good on my promise. I apologize if i mix up any zs and ys, the keys are switched on this wackz keyboard and I dont like it. It is also reallz hard to get an apostrophe. Barcelona was really, really amazing. I skated quite a bit, even if my shoes are balls, and getting a new pair of my fav Rowleys will set me back 100 to130 bucks. Seriously. That is one thing that I do miss is skate prices. Other than that, stuff is dirt cheap. Booze, cigs, clubs, etc. Which brings me to Berlin. This city is absolutely insane. I had been here two years ago, but I did not explore it like this. Bars, restaurants, clubs in squatted houses playing the best music ever, clubs overlooking the river with cheaper prices than a dive in MKE? I am convinced. I hope I can bring myself to come back home, I could just stay and tough it out…Did I mention the absinthe cocktails? My hunch is that it is a total tourist thing, but whatevs, I am on vacation so go with it. Next on the list is Warsaw, and we are meeting up with Lane and Ania, and Ania is from Warsaw so it should be interesting. Hope all is going well for everyone, if anzone had any requests, hit me up. Until Warsaw…..