The Low Life Has Lost Its Appeal

Several summers ago the site was 98% party pics and 2% cats. Since that delicate balance was thrown off with all the skateboarding, I figured it was time for some nonsense. I moved several months ago, and I basically learned that it’s exactly the same as the place I used to live save for the fact that my rent is about four times as much as it was, and I skate about once a month instead of once a week.

In any event, to show you how much things change, here are a few photos from the party we go to every Sunday.

This was taken on the way. The bar is a 20 min walk from the housing project I live in. “Hey guys, stand in the steam, it will look cool”. The result can be seen below. I was engulfed in smoke…

Here’s what happened next.

I am the first person ever to not do cocaine in this bathroom.

“I’m not just that wasted chick!”

Sorry Wendy.

The guy behind Mark in the weird hat was definitely interested in more than we were willing to give.

Not much different here.

In case you were wondering how successful I was that one summer I spent becoming a total douche, allow me to present you with this….