The shot heard around the midwest

Just as the groundhog and his shadow can predict 6 more weeks of winter, Modest Mouse and their recent album release can ensure at least 4 more years of the over-use of their music in skate videos (professional or otherwise). Four additional years of over dramatic intros, white belts, and 15 minutes of post credits footage. Everyone can now relax and avoid just settling for wussy bands (Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie, etc) that vaguely sound like Modest Mouse; the real deal is back, circle of life! Next time you and your denim clad friends are at your local park filming 2,000 salad grinds down the 1 foot high rail, you can look over at the similar group of monkeys, with a gleam of naive lust in your eyes, and know that you will be featuring the same band