The Way You Fur, The How You Purr

We’re here. Half a heart left on the health meter. Barely going.

Vince Stranc – Boardslide Across and Down
Street meats. Found at the spot. Heated by the pavement.
Max Murphy – Wallride Nollie. Classic through the glass photography technique. Potentially should’ve shot at night and dragged the shutter for more classicicity.
Standard angle.
Max Murphy – Duck Ollie. Quack.
Friends being friends.
Payne Counihan – Slappy Switch Crook
Max Murphy – Tailslide to Fakie
Nick Mistele – Frontside Crooked Grind to Fakie
Sean Hanley – “Log Feel” Noseslide Pop Over

The site turns 25 this year. Hopefully we meet again. Auf weidersehen.