The Wonders of Technology.

Who would have thought Hilary Duff would bring something so wonderful into the world. Have fun prank calling all your friends with this amazing tool. There’s even an option where you can pick their hobby as skateboarding! How appropriately authentic!

Over at Platinum they were talking about a movie that I own that not too many people have seen. It’s a Japanese movie called Suicide Club. They go on to say how bad it is, and I will admit that it’s pretty bad, but it’s more of a “funny-bad” than a “bad-bad”. I used to live with kids who would watch the crappiest horror movies known to man on a daily basis, so I have a pretty high tolerance for poorly made cinema. Anyway, there’s some great, not to be missed scenes in this one. In one scene, 54 school girls jump in front of a subway car all at once. The amount of hilarious blood that comes flying out is impressive. Actually there are plenty of scenes showcasing the almost well made fake gore, including one where a bunch of kids jump off a roof, and then some kid’s ear ends up on a windowsill. I guess I’ll basically ruin the movie here for everyone by saying that the people behind all these suicides turns out to be a super super bad and awesome teen j-pop spice girls band thing telling the kids to do it through their mega hit “Mail me! If I don’t hear from you soon, I’ll die!”. So basically, since this is Japanese, it makes no sense at all. Some people try to read super far into it and say it’s a critique of Japanese society, which in some ways is true, but this movie jumps around so much, and so much is left unexplained at the end, you can’t take it seriously at all.

I guess Dudes might be jealous if we don’t talk about them in this update, so I guess I’ll bite. Uh…Blondie? Haven’t heard the new one, but did you know Blondie is 59 years old? That means she was almost 40 in the 80’s. Another Fun Fact: I listened to Blondie on the way to work today, how ironic! Fun Fact 2: Call Me, X-Offender, and Dreaming are some of the most wailing songs ever, and what about the part on “Hanging on the Telephone” where she “raps”? So sick! Those dudes in those newfangled “Scribble Jams” don’t have shit on that!

On the Triuvirate vs. the Biumvirate war front things have been pretty quiet. Skatemag has been silent and without updates, as to be expected, and couldn’t handle the heat at all and was “offline for maintanence” last time I checked. More like “Damn, I didn’t think the Triumvirate would pummel us this bad, so we’re going to hide!!!!”.

Lastly, I’ll be in NYC this next week and a half, so in preperation to the moblog blowing up (featuring many, many pictures of us stocking up on bootleg Burberry at Canal Street), yesterday I kind of rearranged how it works. Hopefully it makes more sense now. Don’t worry your pretty little heads though, I’ll be sure to update and not talk about skating in any way at all, like usual. Anyway, I’m sure my brothers in the Triumvirate will be keeping an eye on the place.