My Big Day Out.

Summer. It’s what everyone looks forward to and keeps them sane through those long, cold winter months. You make yourself promises; “I am going to skate everyday” or ” I’m not going to be inside at all this summer.” Well, you know you’re lying to yourself because that is never the way it turns out. You lay around all day procrastinating and eating junk food until someone calls you and makes you leave the air conditioning.

This past winter I made a promise to myself to get to Milwaukee and visit the lovely county zoo. I wasn’t lying to myself either. Yesterday was my big day out. Unfortunately, I had spoken with Josh a few days before and he reminded me of the wonderful assortment of Mold-A-Rama machines scattered throughout the park. This lesiurely visit would turn into a quest. A quest to collect each and every plastic molding offered by Milwaukee’s wonderful zoo.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love checking out the animals,
but it was tough to really relax and laugh at these guys when in the back of my mind I knew there could be a Mold-A-Rama machine right around the corner.

The craziest animal I saw was roaming loose in the park! I was on the train when I just happened across this beast:

As you can see, he took a swing at me, narrowly missing my head and camera. A close one indeed!

Well, I had a good time despite my obsessive search for the elusive train Mold-A-Rama (which was never actually found). Check the haul.
That’s 12 dollars worth of molded plastic, but the memories are priceless. Thanks Milwaukee county zoo!