Total Rain Out

Yesterday it rained all day. Not just a little pee pee drizzle, but full on Zeus’ rage style. We just basically walked around, got wet, and then went and saw the Anchorman, which was a pretty huge piece of shit.

We have done a decent amount of skating though. Downtown, Midtown, Brooklyn. We even figured out that the spot that super tight quarter pipe and volcano that overlooked the East River and Manhatten used to be is like three blocks from where we’re staying. We went over there, you go through a hole in the fence into this empty lot, and there’s kind of a bum shanty town thing going on over there, but people still go in there and walk their dogs and stuff. There was even some German or Polish men in speedos swimming in the East River. Not a very savory idea. Anyway, now there’s a really fun ledge with a sort of ride-in bank on it. We skated that a ton. Great story.

We’ll be back on Sunday, and the Triumvirate will again be whole. Repent!