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In case you missed it, here’s another newer segment Fox 6 did on the Turf situation.
Some interesting info in that and in an article on the Journal/Sentinel site.

First, the land is being used by the DOT until 2012 as a staging area for freeway work. There are currently no plans on building anything there, nor to remove the bowls. Secondly, the Mayor of Greenfield is not exactly against the idea of bringing back the park. Like any other Mayor, he is worried about how the city would pay for this. It’d be great if we could somehow come up with the promise of money from within the skateboard industry, then the city will not have to worry about the taxpayer, and the taxpayer would not have to worry about us.

Here’s some links you can use to try to keep up to date on the situation (both are Facebook links, so I think you might have to have an account.):

Save the Turf

Milwaukee Skateboard Association

Now I guess we just wait and see what direction this all goes in. There’s a lot of good ideas, it just has to be decided which ones to go with. I’ll keep you up to date.