Plot Twist

All underdog stories have that part where the protagonist gets put down by the man, right?

Risser and a few other guys went out really early this morning and actually got to session the Gully for around an hour. I’m glad they did because this is where the plot twist comes in.

Photo by Andy Maske
Apparently it could have been way worse. They were supposed to collapse the walls, but felt bad, so they simply filled it in instead.

Back to square one.

Bill ran into the original owner of the Turf, Jerry. He now lives in Florida, and just randomly happened to be in town while all of this went down.

One of the workers discovered this piece of concrete with some ancient Turf Hieroglyphics on it.

What now? We need to be contacting people. Who? Where? That’s where everything seems confused. No one’s quite sure who we need to talk to, The City of Greenfield, The DOT, Milwaukee, I’ve heard it all. Once it’s figured out exactly who we need to be talking to I will post some contact info here.