Tubro D.

Now that Pizzy and Risser are updating the site, I sort of feel like I need to step my game up and maybe set a new standard for them to strive to achieve. Posting photos is real easy and perhaps used to be a cop out for times when Josh or I had nothing good to say, but now it seems to be a great way to tell a story and bring you special readers a little closer to the life we live without actually having to hang out with us (or us with you, respectively).

First and foremost, let me start off by showing you a little treat that Mike and I threw together tonight at Cream City.

Street spine! Easily one of the funnest things to skate (besides a 15 stair rail with no run-up into a pile of dog shit). If you doubt it, go there right now and have a run at it. You will get sucked into the street spine vortex and wont want to skate anything else.

While you’re there, make sure to pick up a Cream City shirt featuring your (and Chloe’s) favorite feline; Gary, and show some support for an amazing skate park and Wisconsin’s most hated cat. Girl’s sizes are available as well. Gary is the new tye dye! Boards are on the way.

Might as well stick to the park theme and show you a move courtesy of Joebon. Nose grab tail skidder across the butter bench. Joebon rips.

This is my attempt at a late 80’s early 90’s Transworld photo spread. Neal Shah is back in town for an extended vacation to see Harshad and Joyce and do some shredding with us. He still has the no comply on lock as well as the Burt Reynolds look. Pizzy is on the right with the second half of a noseslide to crooked grind. Don’t think Pizzy’s roots aren’t hella deep. At this point in his life he doesn’t just have a bag of tricks, he has 4 or 5 bags bursting at the seams. Like Joebon, Pizzy rips.

Skateboardmag writer, Milwaukee native, father of two and Dew Tour announcer, Paul Zitzer was in town too and came out and skated with us a couple of times. We tried to get a boneless photo, but for some reason it kept coming out looking like a Kohl’s department store advertisement. We gave up on that and moved on to this fence bounce which was a bit more photo-friendly. Thanks, Paul.

Hopefully, Pizzy and Risser keep the updates coming and Josh gets all that footage captured for a new mini video sooner than later. Don’t hold your breath.

Later nerds.