Tuesday… feels like Monday

I am sick. I have a runny nose, a cough and watery eyes. I don’t feel well. I did not go to work yesterday as a result. I took plenty of naps… you should too! I also watched this movie. I’m a snivelling, pile of poo when I’m sick. How’d I get sick you ask… I think the culprit looked kinda like this kid

Except the little rascal had snot all over her face rather than spaghetti. And when I mean all over… I mean all over. And I took it upon myself to walk around behind her with kleenex all weekend while she pulled on cats ears. By the way… how was your Thanksgiving?

I’m not sure who might read this, or who might care… but I’ve been sort of inspired to say that if you’re looking to submit pictures you take to Josh and the crew to post, please be willing to take some constructive criticism (CC) from people. To the photographers of the world, if you take yourself too seriously, you won’t get anywhere, but if you don’t at least try to get better, you won’t amount to anything either.

My point is… that if you see my photos on here, and you think they should be better, or that they’re lame, please email me. I’d appreciate you’re point of view. But at least have a honest reason as to why. If you just don’t like it… I respect that, but let me know if you think that dude is too bright and blown out, or that you can’t tell what trick he’s doing, or that I should have shot from a different angle.

Photos you want… I don’t know what to put up. I took this photo of Nick.. but for the longest time I thought his name was Dave. I think he was with Dave on this day. I don’t know. Whatever. I dig it… blues are not photoshoped you fellow photo geeks. They’re the real deal!

Speaking of Dave’s this is the Beez… he had a cult. If you see him around, ask him about it. I also agree that “Midwest 4 Ever” is our slogan over here at Wiskate… Unoffically. Myabe I should say, it’s my slogan. Toby’s Slogan: Midwest 4 Eva. Word.

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