A Fifteen Second Fart is an Eternity in Fart Terms.

Not much happening, so I’ll just continue with the weekend recap. Friday was a great day outside, but it didn’t seem like much was going on. Mike and I basically drove around for four hours and skated two things. So much accomplished.

I’ll say it again, we skate the stupidest crap ever, always. A side effect of that is, it’s really fun. Mike Lipslides the middle of the slide. Maybe I’m kind of lying when I say this was really fun to skate. It was actually pretty hard to do anything, it was super slippery and just kind of launched you wherever it wanted to.

Next we found this really dirty empty dumpster with transition inside of it. Actually a pretty good find if you don’t mind getting dirty and like doing kickturns. For some reason I neglected to take a photo of Mike skating inside of it, so here’s one of him standing on it with the scary, scary building it was by in the background.

We finished the day off with the creation of this modern art. It is a treatise on consumerism in today’s uncaring, cold world.

Photo of the day #51

It came from the deep…