Typical Nonsense.

So today I have some actual skateboarding news for you weiners. Keep in mind this is all gossip, so none (or all) of it may be true.

Many of you may have seen the awesome new Jamie Thomas deck “Ten Years of Thomas” in your local skateshop. Well, apparently Tom Knox has become enraged by all this and has answered with his new Santa Cruz “legends(?)” deck; “18 Years of Knox”. Tom will obviously be setting his goals high as the painted curbs of California await his thrashing.

It seems as though Bam has found the lord. After all the years of debauchery, Bam has decided to give it all up and follow the word of God. He said he “had a vision” after hitting his head trying to drop in on the golden gate bridge while it was on fire and covered in pink heartagrams. From now on all of the proceeds from his board sales will go to build a church in his hometown of Westchester Pennsylvania, where he will be the minister.

One last bit of information for you guys. By now everyone knows about the infamous “El Toro” rail that many have made careers from. Well, last week Alex Moul willy grinded it to fakie. Probably the gnarliest thing to go down there to date. It left the skateboading world is scratching it’s head wondering what could go down next.

Until next time.