Uncle Will

I just thought I’d post an old(er) photo of Uncle Will at Cream City.

Will and his compadre Mr. Jeff Chase are in the process of making that sick little mini into a bowl! Say what? If you haven’t seen it… it won’t be long before it’s done! Peep the Cream City Dork Page for more photos and better updates. I also have a Dork Page. It’s the cool thing to do. I think that Josh, Lord Cru, Rainbow Sanji, Mr. Twister and the rest of the gang have them as well. You should to. Computers are fun… and when it’s snowy outside you should be using your index fingers to caress the F and J keys at all times. I also went out to check the Cream City webpage and it looks like the boys from Adio are going to be in town sometime soon. I won’t tell you when… you gotta go peep the site to find out. Either way… if it means that Loch Ness will be in town you can bet there will be a party or the Kentucky Ice Princess will have her way with him. One of the two… I can all but assure you of some fantastic skating though.

A photo for today? I shot this photo a while back. A long while back. I’m not sure if anyone has really seen it before. I hated it at first, but I kept it. It’s so easy to delete things when they’re digital, but I kept this one. I decided that I should just keep stuff. Anyway, it’s grown on me. The trick is small and the spot is goofy. You can’t tell, and it’s a shitty angle for it, but he’s wall riding over this little step thing. It’s right across the road from the post office too. Anyway, I had just started working my 9 to 5 job and was traveling all over the state when I got the chance to shoot these photos with Skyler and some asian groms. I don’t say that to be racist… and I guess it really doesn’t matter what race they were, but it gives you a better visual you know. But I was SO hungry that I needed to stop and grub. So I hit a Taco Johns. I LOVE Taco Johns. I think that’s cause I used to live in Eau Claire. And when you live in Eau Claire, Taco John’s is one of the only places that is open at 3am after all the “establishments” close down. I’ve spent many nights staggering my way up that giant hill gnawing on potato ole’s. MMMmmmMMM… Back to the story. So I stopped off to get some tacos. I think I bought a six pack and a pound. I ate most of it (I’m a fat ass) and then went to shooting. Skyler was a champ and did this little wall ride OVER and OVEr again. We finally got the shot we wanted (or thought we wanted) and then as we were going to leave the rest of my tacos were missing. I was a little pissed, cause being a fatty, I was still hungry. It takes alot of energy to press that shutter. Anyway, as I recall, either Boun or Seng or someone took my tacos and shoved them in one of the mail boxes I had been eating next to. My reciept was also in the bag… which of course had the transaction number and that would lead to my credit card and that would lead back to me! I was so sketched out that I packed up my shit and made and excuse to go back to my hotel. Even though you shouldn’t do it, I can handle a little shoplifting and a little drinking or smoking… but messing with mail boxes is a federal offense. To this day, when there is a knock at my door late at night and NO one should be coming over, I get scared and think it’s the FBI. It never is.

Oh… I also like how his shadow’s head disappears through the window. it’s kinda fun.

Skyler Somebody – Wall rides for days