Nine years is a long time, but please don’t go just yet

I’m pretty amped that Munz threw up that pic of Stemper on his TSM b-word. When you combine the Murder Barn and Stemper, the results are clearly going to outshine anything that you can possibly conceive. That night was a bit wild, even if I wanted to kill Stemper at the end of it. I sort of feel like he’s my kid sometimes, even though I already have two beautiful girls. Why am I so fondly describing our last visit to the barn? We missed last week, and by the looks of it, I might be absent again as it is my newly found old friend’s birthday dance party. Get out the dancing kicks.

Since the hot tub was such a hit, let’s start there…

My Uncle had Blatz two days in a row, it started this night and ended in some rather, well…you get the idea.

Last week we ran into Josh’s kid, who incidentally has been featured on the site skateboarding (via Toby’s photos). It’s always nice to catch people in the wild.

Justin came in town last week. It was the highlight of my month. This photo was taken seconds before he was kicked out (we joined him outside of course) of Cans. Probably the best move of the last 6 months.

I guess I like cats now.

“I came all the way from Brooklyn just to hang out with some white girls?”-JTK