OK… So a long long time ago. I was watching some Vert riders… Tom Boyle and Tony Hawk amongst them. I was a little kid and I was stoked at the time. Another guy showed up and wanted to skate. They were stoked on him dropping in as well, but he forgot his knee pads…. and this is where things got tricky. He asked the other guys if he could borrow a pair. I watched EVERY guy shake his head no. For a number of years I just thought that they were being dicks. If they were stoked for him to skate why wouldn’t they? Years later I heard a term being thrown around… Vert AIDS. Vert AIDS is when you get a staph infection because you were using other peoples sweaty gnarly gear. I wouldn’t want to smell some other dudes old knee pads let alone put them on my own person. But some guys are ok with it… and what happens is stuff like this and this. Giant pussy sores. They suck ass, and left untreated could mean amputating your arm or leg. Thankfully… I’ve never shared my gear EVER cause I never wanted the pleasure of contracting Vert AIDS.

In much the same manner, it looks like the ass holes at every school in the nation have their own dirty little secret. And it’s finally out for everyone to see. High school wrestlers in Minnesota have let their outbreak of mat herpes get so bad, that they’ve had to close down the ENTIRE states wrestling programs. News article here. I just hope that this is karma’s way of getting back at all the little pricks that picked on my growing up that thought that getting down on a mat in a singlet was better than what ever I was doing at the time.

The funny thing is that everyone of those bastards is gonna go cuddle up with some high school cheerleader that someday your gonna try to mack on. Make sure you interview your girlfriends from now on. Ladies that have been with wrestlers are a NO-NO. Remember kiddies… don’t share your pads and helmets, don’t start wrestling, and wear a jimmy hat for christ sakes

Peace Out!