Off The Turd.

Last night Mr. Twister invited me to borrow and review the Ice Cream video for this update and I was more that anxious to do it. That is, until I got home and put it in. I am not going to totally get into a full on review, but I will give you some of the highlights (if you can call them highlights).

I will start off by saying that the editing makes “Guilty” from Shorty’s look like a minimalist art film. There are so many sound effects and fancy “editing to the beat” clips, that it makes me wonder if the guy who made has ever heard of epilepsy. I would tell you who made the video, but I never made it to the credits. Another thing is that I thought this was going to be a “skate video”. Not a flossing at the Days Inn video. And by flossing, I don’t mean good dental hygiene. I wouldn’t know if they had good teeth, as they wear fake fronts most of the time. When they do show some skating, the editing is so weird that you have to look away.

I am not going to even go on. I could talk about Pharrell and Terry Kennedy for days. And there is more neon in that video than on the 1986 Swatch tour. Those 300 dollar shoes are hideous.

Enough said. Just don’t watch it.

The dudes from Mkeskate and Cream City are hosting a game of skate for any un-sponsored people that want to enter. Up for grabs is an IPOD shuffle. Pretty good prize for landing 5 tricks someone else can’t do. Its on Saturday at 5 at the skate park. Bring your pressure flips and late shoves and win (or lose).

I have this really good picture of Gary that I wanted to post, but my computer is being stupid and I can’t upload anything from my camera right now. Instead you get this;

Just one last thing.

If you think you are good at skateboarding, you’re wrong. Don’t get cocky. Here’s a couple clips to deflate your head and bring you back down to earth a bit. Watch this and this, too.

Later nerds.