Volcano Taco

Wiskate media blitz! As Tim mentioned, a couple of my photos are in the new issue of Stuck Magazine. Sean Drews, KP, and Gabe Chan also have photos in there. Strong showing.

We have to give big thanks to Mike Munzenrider for making this one happen. Beez Flick in issue 56 of The Skateboard Mag.

Many moon ago I was just a little guy making cut and paste zines with xeroxed vaguely decipherable skate photos to give to my friends in school. I would have never believed one of my photos (even if it is of a guy wearing a deer wizard costume), not to mention a small article about my friends, would be in one of those big-time skateboarding magazines. Again, troves of thank yous to Munzy.

As always, if your life is Beez-less, the videos can be purchased here for a one time installment of $12.99.

Beez, SWARM!!!!