You Control a Yellow Crab-shaped Shooter That Travels Along the Outside Rim of a 3D Tunnel.

One fateful weekend a year our friend Dave that lives a bit furthur out in the country than the rest of us do has a little get together for everyone he knows. Beer, skating, goats, fireworks, amphibious vehicles. All the things you cannot do living in the city, you know the deal. Basically a triumphant way to explore your primal urges to unsafely play with explosives, eat meat, and behave in an uncivilized manner. Or just sit in his basement and play Tempest. Whatever you want.

I’m always way too busy having fun at these things to take many photos so here’s just a few pictures from this year’s Sadlerfest.

Tim Olson – Layback Grind on the compound’s infamous mini ramp.

Tim Olson – Power Edge inspired smith grind.

A few bands played. Dustin Ciborsky is in this one, they’re called Curb.

A big box of fireworks was provided to launch at the bands or whoever was skating the ramp. Tim was scared his russet potato was going to get burned.

Satanic rites.

That is all.