Voluptuous Vixen

I need to finish this one quickly since it’s pretty much perfect skateboard riding weather outside, and Bill is on his way here. Supposedly. Bill is not known for his arriving in a timely manner. Stemper is also in town, and is claiming it’s grilling weather. I’m not going to disagree.

These are from a Saturday a couple of weeks ago.

Tj Bohach – 5-0 Grind.

Max Murphy – Wallride to proper nollie out. I think doing the wallride on the screen was helping him cheat on the nollie out. Don’t tell him I said that.

I couldn’t really capture the spirit of the 80s any way I took this one. Tj didn’t mind doing it a bunch of times though. Wallride melon blast out.

Tim was trying a pretty difficult maneuver for awhile but couldn’t quite get it. He does look pretty good after he falls though.

Roger was skating with us that day and spent his time skating hunting squirrels.

Roger also spent his time messing up my beautiful photos by being too concerned with squirrels to look at the camera when I needed him to.

This guy though, whew, never looked better!

Pizzy’s secret was later exposed.

Don’t forget to watch the new mini video, please? I’m also feeling pretty good on future mini video prospects. I just logged a tape the other day and it had 57 clips on it. A lot of them were lines and thirty second six man combo maneuvers. A very fruitful video cassette.